Catch 22 - ADSL house move

We’ve just moved house – 300m up the road – same telephone exchange. I contacted our ISP two weeks before the move to arrange for a seamless transition, but nothing could be ordered until we had a BT line at the new address. But guess what – we couldn’t arrange a BT line at the new address, because the vendor was still using it. So nothing for it, but to wait until move day.

On move day, once the new BT line was connected I contacted our ISP again. But apparently they couldn’t do anything until BT’s system said the line was connected – even though we could make calls.

Now that we have confirmation that the line has been connected, I’ve been able to order the ADSL to be moved which will take 7-10 days. To add insult to injury, as well as the house move charge, the ISP has told me it will charge for the 10 days worth of ADSL they are providing to our old address – very useful considering we’ve just moved!

I wish I’d read this idiot’s guide beforehand – it sheds a lot of light on the subject as well as (unintentionally) capturing the whole Monty Pythonesque aspect.

It transpires that my ISP (not PlusNet) cannot accept “Simultaneous Provider Orders” which would remove the need for a break in service. Presumably BT charge ISP’s an arm & a leg for this facility – otherwise why wouldn’t all ISP’s have it?

In the interests of fairness, I won’t name the ISP until it’s responded to my complaints.