Mocha 0.4 released

So I finally got round to releasing a new version of Mocha. Much of the functionality has been available for some time if you’ve been using the Rails plugin based on subversion HEAD, but now you can get it in all in a gem (or other package). The most recent changes centre around allowing mocking of Object instance methods.

Release notes…

  • Allow naming of mocks (patch from Chris Roos).
  • Specify multiple return values for consecutive calls.
  • Improved consistency of expectation error messages.
  • Allow mocking of Object instance methods e.g. kind_of?, type.
  • Provide aliased versions of #expects and #stubs to allow mocking of these methods.
  • Added at_least, at_most, at_most_once methods to expectation.
  • Allow expects and stubs to take a hash of method and return values.
  • Eliminate warning: “instance variable @yield not initialized” (patch from Xavier Shay).
  • Restore instance methods on partial mocks (patch from Chris Roos).
  • Allow stubbing of a method with non-word chars in its name (patch from Paul Battley).
  • Removed coupling to Test::Unit.
  • Allow specified exception instance to be raised (patch from Chris Roos).
  • Make mock object_id appear in hex like normal Ruby inspect (patch from Paul Battley).
  • Fix path to object.rb in rdoc rake task (patch from Tomas Pospisek).
  • Reverse order in which expectations are matched, so that last expectation is matched first. This allows e.g. a call to #stubs to be effectively overridden by a call to #expects (patch from Tobias Lutke).
  • Stubba & SmartTestCase modules incorporated into Mocha module so only need to require ‘mocha’ – no longer need to require ‘stubba’.
  • AutoMocha removed.

Thanks to all who contributed.

Enjoy :-)