More GNER/NXEC Advance Single tickets shenanigans

As is so often the case, today I wanted to change the date of some of my GNER Advance Single tickets. I’ve never written down the phone number of the GNER website support team, so I looked at a couple of the old GNER URLs to see if I could find it.

Skip ahead to The Nub of the Matter if you’re not very interested in the gory details.

From Pillar to Post – redirects to NXEC website and gives no phone number

gner-weve-moved – gives the number 08457225111


So I rang 08457225111. It was the NXEC customer support number. I waited on hold for a few minutes and pressed a number of option buttons as is the way of things. Eventually I spoke to a human being and asked whether they could change my tickets. They said they couldn’t, but that I should ring 08700101127. So I did. This turned out to be the Virgin customer support number. After the obligatory wait and button pushing, I spoke to a human who told me I had been given the wrong number. I was given a new number – 08457225225 (option #2, followed by option #4).

This got me back to NXEC and which was decidedly annoying. They then gave me another number (08700101296) which they said was for “The Train Line” who apparently used to run the GNER website. However when I got through to them, they denied all knowledge and gave me yet another number – 08703665990. This finally got me through to GNER – hooray!

I was worried that there would be complications, because the new tickets would have to be issued by NXEC, whereas the old tickets were issued by GNER. But I was pleasantly surprised to be able to change my GNER Advance Single tickets with no more pain than normal (which included giving my credit card details three times – once for each ticket – doh!). In fact the rep I spoke to was remarkably efficient.

So there goes another pointless hour of my life…

The Nub of the Matter

If you want to change tickets purchased through:

  • the old GNER website – then ring 08703665990
  • the new (but rather transient) GNER website – then ring 08547225111
  • the NXEC website (looks rather similar to the new GNER website) – then ring 08547225111

A Brighter Future?

On a more optimistic note, it looks like the new NXEC website allows you to change Advance Single tickets on-line up to 5 days before departure. If it works that’ll be great :-)