Mocha Release 0.9.1

Release Notes

  • Fixed bug #21465 – expects & stubs should support method names as strings (as well as symbols) or fail fast. Convert all expectation method names to a symbol in case they were supplied as a string.
  • By removing Mock#unexpected_method_called we reduce the number of methods vulnerable to the problem that surfaced in bug #21563.
  • Fix bug #21563 – stubbing ‘verified?’ method is unsafe. Instance method names on the Mock class should be more obscure.
  • Performance improvement. StubbaExampleTest goes twice as fast on my local machine.
  • Added primitive performance test to default rake task.
  • Fix format of case statements which don’t work in Ruby 1.9 and make others consistent.
  • There is no point in running (potentially expensive) checks if configuration is set to allow such checks to fail. This is a relatively quick fix in response to Chris McGrath’s performance problems.
  • Fix for bug #21161 – ‘uninitialized constant Deprecation in stubba.rb’.
  • It’s more readable to talk about ‘once’ and ‘twice’ rather than ‘1 time’ and ‘2 times’.
  • Fix bug #20883 – never should raise when called to prevent follow up errors. Fail fast when there are no matching invokable expectations and handle the stub_everything case sensibly. This might not be entirely backwards compatible, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks. The most likely change is that a test that was already failing will now fail faster, which doesn’t seem so awful.