Mocha Release 0.13.3

Various bug fixes.

Release Notes

  • Allow Mocha::ParameterMatchers#includes to accept multiple items. Thanks to Simão Mata.
  • Allow stubbing of private Kernel methods. Fixes issue #134. Thanks to @camski for reporting.
  • Avoid a warning when test/unit/version is required by other libraries in the same project. Fixes issue #140. Thanks to Tom Miller.
  • Make auto-activation of Test::Unit integration more resilient. This change is specifically to cope with the nasty re-defining of classes that is done by the minitest-spec-rails gem. Fixes issue #143. Thanks to @tubaxenor for reporting.
  • Safer restoration of stubbed method visibility. Fixes issue #141. Thanks to Aman Gupta.
  • Ensure Mockery instance gets reset even if exception raised. Fixes issue #144.
  • Adapt Mocha acceptance tests to cope with changes in output from latest (v4.6.2) of MiniTest.
  • Updates to README about Rails compatibility.