Organisation-specific git config

Using conditional includes in your git configuration

Recently I wanted to use a different email address in the configuration for my git user, but only when working on repositories relating to a particular client. I've always tended to organise my local repositories by user and organisation as follows:

├── organisation-1
│ ├── repository-1
│ └── repository-2
├── user-1
│ ├── repository-1
│ └── repository-2
├── organisation-2
│ ├── repository-1
│ └── repository-2
└── user-2
  ├── repository-1
  └── repository-2

So I was pleased to discover that git has supported conditional configuration since v2.13.0 and I've used a conditional include to load an organisation-specific configuration file if the repository is under the relevant organisation directory. In this included configuration file I then override the user email address.

# ~/.gitconfig

[includeIf "gitdir:~/Code/organisation-1/"]
  path = ~/

# ~/

  email =

The gitdir "variable" is the path to the .git directory for the repository. You can also use the usual glob wildcards in the right-hand side of the condition if you want to do more sophisticated matching.